• Guest of the day: Molemo Moiloa
• Restitution: Is decolonisation well underway in European museums?
• From Paris to Cotonou: the long-awaited return of the relics of Dahomey

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I met Molemo Moiloa, a major figure on the Johannesburg cultural scene. Between artistic expression and community involvement, she explores popular imagination with the MADEYOULOOK collective. As a researcher with Andani Africa and a lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, she influences debates on restitution. / The conference in Cape Town on the restitution of African heritage opens up a key dialogue between France and South Africa. We were in South Africa to monitor the developments. / Back to Cotonou in 2021 after being returned by France: the 26 works of art from the former kingdom of Dahomey have finally been exhibited in Benin!