• Guest of the day: Augustin Tamba
• Sustainable housing, a priority
• A library of African literature in Accra

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Our guest is among those who want to change African cities. A specialist in the strategic management of decentralised local authorities, he has developed coaching, lobbying, business engineering and economic intelligence activities. And after that decided to take the plunge into public life by becoming mayor of Yaoundé 7 in 2013. He has since been appointed head of the Cameroon Association of United Towns and Cities. Augustin Tamba is our guest today. / Safe and sustainable urban housing is the new priority for African cities. Let's take a look at an expert conference in Yaoundé, Cameroon. / We head for Accra to discover a place that is still rare in Africa: a library dedicated to African authors as well as writers from the diaspora, to raise awareness about their contribution to world literature.